Emperor Trump vs Pharoah Obama, 2024

Intercepted interdimensional videos.

In an alternative universe the race is on to lead the Empire of the United States of America.

Two vids, each around a minute long.

Emperor Trump

Pharoah Obama, Living God

Emperor Trump Americans of Rome

Pharaoh Obama


Kermit the Flying IDF Bank

The story of the greatest heist in Israeli history: A 48 second film.

Kermit the IDF Flying Bank


Jason Goes to Therapy

It’s just a normal day. Not Friday the 13th.

Jason Voorhees Goes to Therapy


Infected Mount Mushroom

What happens when we switch an Infected Mushroom concert in Tel Aviv with an Islamic rally on the Temple Mount? Al Aqsa meet the Special Place.

Special Place

Infected Mushroom, Tel Aviv

Demon Girl

A 1 minute true life horror docu short. What does a schizophrenic see? There’s a laugh I can hear in the short which was nowhere in any of the recordings.

A true life horror docu short
Demon Girl

JTown Ep 120: Justify My Love

A JTown Video Quasi Animated Short

JTown Therapy

Na Nach

JTown 90 second DocumentaryProphet of the Land: End Times

A true story of a Muslim and a Jew talking of Prophecy and happily knowing it’s the end.


Shmuel Greg Tepper lives in Israel. He was a soldier for years. Flashbacks from a terror war gave way and he saw and heard God and more.

A Jerusalemite currently in Be’er Sheva, the city of Abraham, he sees and hears what others cannot: God, angels and demons.

The Israeli psychiatrists call him a schizophrenic. He does not call himself a prophet.

Doing so in Israel will get you involuntarily institutionalized.

He wears the name ‘prophet” as a nickname from his friends.

These are some of his stories.

A JTown Digital Short Documentary

If the YouTube video from our JTown channel doesn’t enlarge there’s another player below the text.

Prophet of the Land