Meet Josh. For real.

Josh Levinson is in reality a true guide’s guide.

As Corona hit and decimated tourism Josh picked up a camera and a pack and hit the trails.

Josh’s Epic Israel Walk

Josh is the only guide in JTown offering sunrise tours of the Old City with a complimentary pre-dawn coffee that will smack you awake.

He knows every alley and secret roof and the best places for amateur or professional photographers any time of day or night.

Action Hero Tour Guide

There’s nothing like a dead quiet sleeping JTown Old City waking up around you as you watch the sun rise over the Dome of the Rock. H

His prices are affordable and he’ll take special circumstances into account.

Josh has crazy awesome stories from Mexico to Africa to the Levant. He is an encyclopedia of information but more importantly he is friends with the people you’ll meet on his tours.

If you want to experience JTown as few do feel free to contact him at: