About the Creator

I have an unusual mind, as the strip tells. I lived in JTown, Jerusalem, more than any other city in my life. The graphic shorts reveal the underbelly of JTown and the immigrant and Sabra characters that make up a gang of friends who enjoy Happy Hour and the mundane and absurd as it comedically manifests in their lives.

Based on the life of Shmuel and created from images caught with his camera.

The strip started off as an experiment about living with schizophrenia. . . An attempt to characterize the people of whom so many are so afraid. But I realized the real story was Jerusalem, JTown, and the people and places I know and love. It started as an experiment on my phone and I thank everyone who reads it.

The characters are my creations. Resemblance to real people is a function of the creation. I create the strips from pics I’ve taken over the last few years while in and out of differing states of mind and snag some from friends. Though some names are changed most are not. Please forgive my insane mind . . .

JTown is young and moving fast with limited resources. We know there are typos and errors, and apologize, but have come to love them in a way as a sign of the speed with which we emerged. We are trying to improve on this all the time . . .