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JTown Art by Anonymous Artist

JTown has launched its site

With thanks to amazing readers and energetic enthusyiasm JTown has launched. Over the next few days all 65 episodes will be available followed by more daily.

We will be adding other fun eggs, frames and shorts and hope you occasionally check for news updates.

Got a scoop that would interest our readers? Send us an email and if it’s published we’ll give you a JTown Times byline.

Email us through our contact page.


Good Friday!

This week was very exciting for JTown. A few of you know but the entire JTown universe was created solely on my phone, a simple Xiaomi Redmi 9 with zero budget. This week I received a gift of a Xiaomi 11T and a few software purchases for my birthday. I’m very thankful and as a result we are able to have more color strips and fewer typos. We also secured a URL: www.jtownshorts.com.

We have some great new content. There are a lot of new strips, including “A Death in the Gang,” “The Yerushalmi Candidate,” “and Voices,” “What the Men on the Street Say,” and today episode 101 is a special thank you virtual tour for you all with Action Hero Tour Guide Joshua. Why a thank you?

In only 14 days and with solely organic reach meaning no paid advertising we have had over 5000 views and are close to 400 visits.

I created JTown Shorts to tell stories, serious and funny to disarm the bigotry and stigma society have towards schizophrenics and to share my love for Jerusalem and show a side most never see. I owe a big thanks to my buddy Perry for encouraging me to create. start JTown for the numbers but they are certainly fun.

Finally The JTown Times, a small community oriented publication and part of the JTown universe, went live. It’s a “separate entity” but within JTown. Very cool. It is accessible from a tab on our JTown Shorts homepage.

We added more fantastic JTown Fringe History from Zvi Besser that was wonderfully received and ran a piece in our JTown Articles section about local artist Moshe Shamah of Studio Shamah and his efforts to help Ukrainians escape the war zone. It is, as Zvi said, a slow light launch. We will add content every week and encourage participation if you have something to contribute.

Thank you so much for your readership and all the great feedback. We are in love with the challenge of creating daily quality content and wish you all, as we say here, a Shabbat shalom.

You can contact us here.


A warm Wednesday in March everyone. Hello today we have a small content and site update. We have a number of new strips including our favorite British army JTowner David Haynes and Tony Blair! We’ve twerked the site a bit, added a drop-down menu on the top right of every page and integrated The JTown Times community news outlet, accessible through button or menu links. So stay a while, browse episodes or look at art, read an article. We’re glad to have you.


Hello and happy International Women’s Day. If you stop by JTown you’ll find some new IDF art with a dedicated IDF Art page now. We added a number of episodes yesterday including a short strip mentioning the Shoah and another Prince Charles and David Haynes. We also put up some more one-framers of Reuben pondering on the Estate last night and this morning and a few two-framers where he reflects on what the guys add when visiting. Take a look instead of doing that thing your boss asked you to do.


Hello everyone! Today after some 10 days we are near 3700 views and 240 visitors. Thanks for stopping by JTown! Since our last update we’ve added five strips. We’ve introduced two new friends, Sarah Tuttle Singer and Rahj. We also got a bit topical in “Refugees” and “Spy Games: Ukraine” and we had a meds day strip. I get them so the strip gets them. We’ll be adding some more fan art soon so please stop by!


It’s Thucking Thursday! We’re almost at the week’s end!

Hello JTown Readers. Again today you are owed an apology. Today’s noylt so brief brief is going out later than expected but it was worth the wait.

First the run down then a big surprise and some JTown prequel history.

Over the last 24 hours we have added five, yes, five new strips. We finally have a full length in the world of Mr. David Haynes. We also have a throwback to the past and see Josh search for the Ark over 20 years ago.

Fans of the Estate will be happy to know that Reuben has five new profoundaty moments. Is that a word? Let’s say it is.

We know there are many fans of the fan art and three incredible new pieces were added to the fan art page.

Today JTown is letting you in on a little known fact. The JTown graphic shorts were created after two other strips: Color Me Schizo and Josh’s Epic Israel Walk. The strips were my creations. I stole the name for Josh’s from Josh. But he was fine with it. I checked.

Color Me Schizo was a strip I created showing the life of a schizophrenic in Jerusalem. I created a number of them abd have incorporated them into JTown in part. The series about Josh was the breakthrough to funny. I actually have a past working with funny. Another time though.

The thing about my condition and the meds . . .they both can turn off funny. But it turned on with Josh‘s Epic Walk. The actual epic walk was a guide’s trek through Israel. Check it out on his Instagram. Josh Levinson. So I realized the way I realized things that I had stories. So did Josh. But neither of us were the story. The story was JTown.

Today we’ll be adding three or four of the Pre- JTown Josh strips to the site. There are 11 all together to be added in the coming week and perhaps it will continue. We hope you like prequels. A little gift as a thank you for taking time to visit us at JTown.

Again everyone I apologize for typos abd other small errors that add character. I do absolutely everything on my phone. Big thumbs.


It’s a Working Wednesday

Hello JTown Shorts readers. Today’s news is a brief brief, Major Major. Yesterday the Estate with Reuben, a crowd favorite, grew with more profoundities. Is that an actual word? Well I bet Reuben would use it so we will.

The JTown gang are now part of the new JTown Times news. Think the gang from JTown decided to run a news outlet. But in real life. It’s currently being published on the JTown Times Facebook fan page and will have a little site soon.


We’re Tardy with the news on Teusday!

Yesterday was quite exciting. We had our first JTown contest and two people won graphic art portraits. Content wise the morning saw a lot of movement on the Estate with Reuben and a new cult favorite Questions! Questions with Eyal! last night.

We established our twitter presence, @jtownshorts and improved resolved posting issues to Facebook. For ease receiving updates regarding new content on JTown please like our Facebook fan page JTown and Other Graphic Shorts.And

If you’re into real world events you’re welcome to check out our sister page JTown Times, a new and refreshing community news feed where opining is opinion and news is fact. Anything else, they say, is speculation.

If you like our JTown Times page you’ll get to hear fr members of The Gang and learn about their real life backgrounds and careers as friends embark on an exciting adventure in the world of news . . .

28.2.22 Not a Manic Monday

Exciting news as in the first 48 hours since going public JTown Shorts has gained readership in six countries across three hemispheres abd is pushing 1400 views!

Since yesterday we’ve introduced three characters, Rick, Chanan and Hoch. We added a page The Gang so people can see ahead of time who to expect in strips. That page continues growing.

We have a number of new episodes and expect plenty more from fan favorites Reuben abd David Haynes.

Finally we have our first JTown contest today with cool prizes! See Latest Episodes for more and the boys may encounter arch nemesis Gad. More to come! . . .


A Soldiering Sunday

In episode 69 we find out if the boys are off to war. The Estate is loaded with new thoughts of Reuben and we have a new page! Soldiering and Life Lessons with David Haynes! JTown loves finding laughter in the suck . . . Thanks for reading!

26.2.22 JTown Content is Expanding

JTown is proud to display fan art of all kinds and now has a dedicated page. If you’re interested in reading published pieces about schizo real life tales of the insane with God, demons and the Angel of Death, well we have that for you, too.

And a new Easter Egg . . .a secret page for old soldiers who never die, Soldiering with David Haynes.

On our first day up the site had visitors from four countries and we’re at 100 views in less than 24 hours! Thanks for keeping up with our news!