Graphic comics about Jerusalem life starring a schizo and his friends, from the insane to the mundane.

Outdoor Jerusalem bar art

Welcome to tales from the certifiable about all you couldn’t imagine going on in the holiest city on Earth. Presented in graphic shorts you’ll come to know the Jerusalem we call JTown, where everybody gets a say.

Hilarity ensues after the tragic becomes the mundane among our group of native born and immigrant Israelis in JTown.

The atheist tour guide, the gay black Jew, the bartender of the millenia, the reluctant prophet and bestie lesbie are some of the characters who show us what living in JTown is truly like for some.

Reuben and Josh at Mike’s Place

Not everyone in the Jewish capital is religious, a rabbi, Mossad or a terrorist. Jerusalem has her fringe, too, and they are part of what defines JTown.

Greg and Sasha

Our main character, Greg, aka Shmuel, was your average American 25 year veteran immigrant to Israel and IDF soldier turned working Israeli until untreated PTSD allowed schizophrenia to take over some years back while in his 30s.

Shmuel in the IDF, Greg

Hearing God and talking to angels, we follow him and his Happy Hour gang as they hang out at JTown Mike’s Place bar and everyone, from God to the cab driver, gets a say in the life of Shmuel.

Manic driver

If this is the city of God’s house then nothing is too absurd to crack me up . . .

Looking for God


Reuben on The Estate

Schizo Man