Graphic Protest Art

I create graphic comics and art from pics I’ve taken over the years and now.

I have found that creating various types of graphic art is a good way to spread a message.

“Would he (David Ben-Gurion) be proud today?” – A commentary on party values and “pride” in today’s political environment
“גשם זה ברכה” “Rain is a Blessing”

“When quiet in here (the Knesset) it is quiet outside”
“Imagine a world where everything was black and white”

“Not every day needs a new law to help”


“55,000” is a series meant to convey a feeling of urgency in addressing the social injustice of those in Israel on full disability receiving only 3,700 shekels a month to survive, some 20% below minimum wage and under the poverty line, while legislators in our Knesset receive monthly salaries of 55,000 shek.

Not every piece is like the others. The news and logos adorning the Knesset in the depiction range from media outlets to pharma to defense with currency also represented.

“מי שלא מצביע מפסיד”

“He who doesn’t vote loses”