The JTown Times

Compliment your news with something a little different

Serenity is hard to come by. Well we’re here to help. Now you can compliment your daily news consumption with The JTown Times.

We’re a new and small local outlet with a finger on the pulse of world events. We’re here to inform and tell stories. You won’t find breaking news here. We’re complimenting your news, not competing with the big boys.

We’re slowly building up our content, an easy soft launch . . .

So what is JTown Times News?

So what is JTown? In short it’s a publication for local news, discussion, events, arts, music and the scene.

It’s Jerusalem. Yes we’re Israeli. The JTown brand started as a graphic shorts series and publication. Through the incredible response and discussions his shorts generated we understood there was a place waiting for The JTown Times.

We’re a very small operation but we do report on events and offer opinion so we have an ombudsman to protect you. What’s an ombudsman? That’s the person who let’s us know when we get something wrong.

Want to learn about the past as and enrich your understanding of the present. Fringe history might be your weekly thing.

We have a daily comic strip most days and offer good reads on local stories.

Our correspondents have academic and professional experience in their fields and others. They write because they love to write.

We believe that comedy has a place in serious endeavors and protects liberty while keeping the fourth estate honest.