JTown 90 second DocumentaryProphet of the Land: End Times

A true story of a Muslim and a Jew talking of Prophecy and happily knowing it’s the end.


Shmuel Greg Tepper lives in Israel. He was a soldier for years. Flashbacks from a terror war gave way and he saw and heard God and more.

A Jerusalemite currently in Be’er Sheva, the city of Abraham, he sees and hears what others cannot: God, angels and demons.

The Israeli psychiatrists call him a schizophrenic. He does not call himself a prophet.

Doing so in Israel will get you involuntarily institutionalized.

He wears the name ‘prophet” as a nickname from his friends.

These are some of his stories.

A JTown Digital Short Documentary

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Prophet of the Land

JTown Minute Vid Prophet of the Land: A Fright from Above

His words warm like Isaiah and of calamity to come. Wait. Wait. What? What exactly did he actually say?

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