JTown Ep 113 Could I be Racist?

The guys figure out who the racist is


JTown Ep 112 Purim Verbiage Madness!!!

The gang start getting into the spirit of the best holiday ever. They tried to kill us! Let’s drink!

JTown Ep 110 They’re Back

The gang looks back at the American summer of hate

JTown Ep 106 Feminism and Post Feminism

The boys get cerebral with each other in front of Jaimie

A JTown Public Service Announcement

Don’t be like Josh. Stay in school.

Josh trying to read

JTown Ep 103 Josh wasn’t always a guide

Clean cut and God fearing, we learn his supposed middle name.

JTown Ep 102 Action Hero Tour Guide Josh: Let’s see Israel

Experience history with scientific precision and truisms by Josh. The slink in the last frame can also be found here.

Good morning and good Friday. Today we’ll learn about history, archeology and other scientific truths with Action Hero Tour Guide Josh. Yeah. He should’ve been around in the 30s.

JTown Ep 99 A Death in the Gang

Jaimie is the bearer of devestating news at the bar

JTown Ep 96 Tel Aviv Jason

We find out who Jason is

JTown Ep 95! Eternity War!

Will the Action Hero Tour Guide be beat by Mr. Prophet? No wait, his name isn’t Mr. Prophet . . . It’s . . .