What’s it like hearing God?

A JTown Original Docu Short about my experiences. The schizo side of humanity. We see and hear what you can not. This first installment: Hearing God. If you enjoy you are welcome to subscribe to our YouTube channel for this and other types of content.

The Nuvi Chronichles. I am not a prophet.

The Nuvi Chronichles

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JTown Ep 118 It’s the Matrix. No it’s not.

Greg and Sasha debate schizo reality. It’s either the Matrix or . . .

JTown Ep 118 Secret Agent Man

Help Sabba, help the Mossad

JTown Ep 114 Don’t Kill Yourself

Up to 55% of schizophrenics attempt suicide. Not due to voices. But meds.

JTown Ep 105 That’s Funny

How do you find humor in the mental hospital?

JTown Ep 104 Secret Agent Shmuel

Is this our hero’s actual origin story?

JTown Ep 97 The Voices in My Head

Sometimes you choose meds and a living death just to see a friend

JTown Ep 92 What’s the Worst Part?

Ive taken pics over the years to document different states 9f mind. I don’t know why I did it. I just did.

JTown Ep 59 God Speaks in the Bar Part II

And now the conclusion . . . Of God speaks in the Bar