Demon Girl

A 1 minute true life horror docu short. What does a schizophrenic see? There’s a laugh I can hear in the short which was nowhere in any of the recordings.

A true life horror docu short
Demon Girl


Zombie Girl

There’s a zombie girl who lives in my yard. They call me schizo. It’s just a made up word…

Online and Out of Site

You can’t make everyone happy

JTown Ep 45 Kfar Shaul Asylum Part II

Locked up schizo with nowhere to go

JTown Ep 45 Kfar Shaul Asylum Part I

It’s the loony bin once again

JTown Ep 41 Option C

Options of being who we are

JTown Ep 27 Schizo Dating

Josh insists Greg is magnetically magical

JTown Ep 25 Yom Kippur

Jaimie evokes the fear of God a bit early

JTown Ep 24 What’s in Your Head?

What’s it like to be you?

JTown Ep 13 The Pool Table

Greg finds out the bar has a pool table